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Monthly Archives: November 2008

11/18/08 / Unc

3:02 PM I just returned from a Kaiser Permanente facility, and that place is run like a well-oiled machine, from top to bottom, left to right.  From their hospital and ER to the local clinic and pharmacy, everything is spectacularly clean, everyone is supremely friendly, and the service is efficient like the engine of a [...]

11/14/08 / Shock

3:06 PM "You still not reading? "Just newspapers.  It’s anti-American!" Boston Legal, Season 5, Episode 8 3:00 PM First snow of the year, at least on the ground here.  There’s been snow on the mountains for a while. One of the biggest jokes God has played with humans: So many of us are able to [...]

11/11/08 / Lucky Brand

3:06 PM I had never heard of Heinrich von Kleist before, and then I found this book at a garage sale.  Right now I’m reading the title story. Kleist had an "unstable and almost schizophrenic personality and his works relect his passionately uncompromising nature and his periodic fits of wild enthusiasm and morose melancholia. He [...]

11/09/08 / Changeling

10:53 PM Saw the Clint Eastwood movie Changeling last night, and I was impressed.  Clint Eastwood makes great movies, and despite all the publicity and hype, Angelina Jolie is a great actress.  The movie was interesting, entertaining, and very well-acted throughout.  It was long but not dragged out. Unrelated to that, I recalled today, while [...]

11/07/08 / Quest

11:38 AM Is status a natural outgrowth of the construct we call society?  Lawyers want to make partner; those in finance want to become directors and managing directors; professors want tenure; artists and performers want awards – the list is virtually endless. But was it someone wickedly genius who came up with this system or [...]

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