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Monthly Archives: December 2008

12/31/08 / Eve

1:24 PM Concerning New Year’s, I can’t seem to decide whether I like things the way they are or whether I’d prefer it differently.  I’m talking about New Year’s Eve being a working day and January 1st being a holiday.  Doesn’t it seem a bit…sad to start off the new year with everything closed down?  [...]

12/28/08 / Band

2:37 PM How do the socio-economic classes operate?  My answer here. 2:31 PM I’ve never been Weezer’s greatest fan, but their new single is catchy and fun.

In an Absolut World

It’s a pity that American consumers are so vain as to have this brilliant ad banned in the U.S. It’s very creative and original.

Old TV shows

Since I’m working from home now, for background noise while I work I often put on episodes of TV shows on either Hulu or Fancast. I have watched a lot of shows in the last couple of months, ranging from hilarious to downright insipid. Some of these shows are (in no particular order except the [...]

On the afterlife

Quite independent of the fact that it’s my birthday tomorrow, I had a thought about the afterlife, and my coolness to the concept of it.  It brings such a freedom to my conscience to not care what’s in the afterlife, because it leaves me able to consider what’s here, what’s now.  It’s more than words [...]

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