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12/14/08 / Strata

8:00 PM Reading this book (below), I realize that every life-planning/goal-management system has for its foundation a picture of the future.  If you don’t know what you want, any and all of these systems are useless to you (I know, because I’ve tried several of them).  The system in Take Back Your Life!, for example, called MPS, is centered around the concept of Meaningful Objectives, which are outcome-oriented goals looking out one year into the future.

If you don’t know what you want your life to look like one year from now, you can’t do anything.

3:20 PM

Some interesting statistics on work interruptions:

  • Office workers are interrupted ever three minutes on average, and it can take 25 minutes to regain concentration after each interruption (University of California-Irvine)
  • In 41% of cases, we don’t return to the activity we were performing before we were interrupted (Hewlett Packard Labs)

My source: Take Back Your Life!

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