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12/15/08 / Found

9:42 PM Finished Take Back Your Life! Overall I found it to be very good – among the better time-management books I’ve read, and I think I know why. This book brings to life the principles it teaches by incorporating them into Outlook 2007, so that instead of leaving you to adapt the methodology to whatever system you may currently be using (Day-Timer or another proprietary time management system) by yourself, it walks you through the steps to get the program up and running to utilize the ideas it preaches. I’m sure this approach reduces their target audience to a specific set that use Outlook 2007, but this is where quality over quantity comes into play. I believe by taking a specific approach like this, they help the few people they do help more than they otherwise would the larger audience had it been a general “how to manage your time better” kind of book.

2:46 PM When people tell me “I can’t get out of bed in the morning” or “I really hate my job,” I get confused.  Since I’ve had the same feelings myself at times, I figure one of two scenarios is true: either I’m overly sensitive and think my problems are bigger than they are, or they’re weak and complaining about their problems when they’re really not as big.

Because what’s “bigger” or even “big” unless you have something to relate it to?  And what we relate it to is the problems of others, don’t we?  So either way, I think to myself, something is the matter: either others whine too much or I’ve taken my own problems too seriously.  It’s not a fruitful way of thinking, because at the end nothing comes out it except doubt upon yourself or another.

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