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12/31/08 / Eve

1:24 PM Concerning New Year’s, I can’t seem to decide whether I like things the way they are or whether I’d prefer it differently.  I’m talking about New Year’s Eve being a working day and January 1st being a holiday.  Doesn’t it seem a bit…sad to start off the new year with everything closed down?  It just doesn’t seem to convey energy and optimism.  It almost seems to say we’re lazy and tired.  Or maybe that’s just me reading too much into it.  Would I prefer having December 31st off and January 1st not?  I don’t know.  I can’t decide.

10:18 AM Poignant quote from the book I’m currently reading:

…I clung to my notion, ill defined though it was, that a serious study of any important body of human knowledge, or theory, or belief, if undertaken with a critical but not a cruel mind, would in the end yield some secret, some valuable permanent insight, into the nature of life and the true end of man.

-Fifth Business, pg. 162

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