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Monthly Archives: December 2008

What is the right answer?

My answer.

Airport trip

I wanted to map the way I just took back from Denver International Airport.  I wanted to avoid the E-470 tollway so I kept driving, making sure I headed North and West, figuring I would eventually get to Boulder. The airport is farther than I thought, farther than Philadelphia International is from Wilmington. View Larger [...]

12/15/08 / Found

9:42 PM Finished Take Back Your Life! Overall I found it to be very good – among the better time-management books I’ve read, and I think I know why. This book brings to life the principles it teaches by incorporating them into Outlook 2007, so that instead of leaving you to adapt the methodology to [...]

12/14/08 / Strata

8:00 PM Reading this book (below), I realize that every life-planning/goal-management system has for its foundation a picture of the future.  If you don’t know what you want, any and all of these systems are useless to you (I know, because I’ve tried several of them).  The system in Take Back Your Life!, for example, [...]

12/13/08 / Hadir

3:44 PM Some small but interesting tidbits I learned about HDR photography through an article in Digital PhotoPro magazine: A typical camera captures about 8 EV of dynamic range; the human eye captures 14 EV Images in print capture about 6 EV Definiton of EV 0: 1-sec exposure at f/1 3:24 PM The Boulder Public [...]

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