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Monthly Archives: January 2009

1/30/09 / 100%

12:49 PM According to this article, based on independent research, Denver is the top city where Americans would like to live. Runners-up were San Diego and Seattle. I’m not surprised at the cities on the bottom: Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. 9:30 AM Last night I went to a movie screening in Denver, at a small [...]

1/25/09 / Snow

1:04 PM Last night I went to a local play called 52 Pickup at the Dairy Center for the Arts, starring actress Gemma Wilcox. The show had a unique premise: 52 cards in a set, 52 scenarios of a man/woman relationship. Each card has one scenario written on it, which the actor couple act out. [...]

Bitch – the word

Seems like an appropriate image for the post.  I haven’t seen the movie. I’ve never been the biggest fan of this inglorious term, but I’m an even lesser fan of when the fairer sex uses it to refer to their own kind. I don’t know the etymology of this base word as it is used [...]

1/23/09 / GPS

9:07 AM I’ve discovered what bothers me about Facebook: it’s the feeds. I prefer reaching for information when I want it, instead of having it thrown at me involuntarily. 9:00 AM Living location-aware has its benefits: To test whether I was being paranoid, I ran a little experiment. On a sunny Saturday, I spotted a [...]

1/22/09 / eGo

9:49 PM Just watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Since lists are in, I’ll note my observations in list form: The movie was too long The old lady’s voice is horrendous and hard to understand It seemed like a remake of Forrest Gump (not exact, of course), because: Brad Pitt was narrating his own [...]

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