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Made in __: three sweet words

Made in Germany

There are three words that are the sweetest words in the world of manufacture: Made in Germany. Think Porsche, A. Lange & Sohne, Leica, Schneider Kreuznach, ZF – and these are just the names well-known in N. America.

From Wikipedia article (bold mine):

  • The label was originally introduced in Britain by the Merchandise Marks Act 1887, to mark foreign produce more obviously, as British society considered foreign produce to be inferior to domestic produce, and tried to get buyers to adhere to the concept of ‘buying British’.
  • The term Made in Germany was soon associated with product reliability, quality and even perfection.

Following close behind, in what is in my mind a well-defined order:

Made in:

  • Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Sweden
  • Japan
  • USA, Canada
  • Great Britain

and toward the bottom of the list…

  • Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
  • India, Bangladesh

and finally…

  • China

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