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1/11/09 / Ganga

8:31 PM It has occurred to me that the people in this world that are most benevolent and most capable of doing evil – either extreme of the karma spectrum – have an important single trait in common: I believe they both lack a fear of death (which I consider to be decidedly debilitating).

That is not the same as saying they don’t care about or think of the afterlife. It’s very likely that they do, that they’ve spent considerable time thinking about it, as much as if not more than the average person. The difference, I believe, lies in where they find themselves once their deliberation ends. Whereas the common man feels some comfort knowing there’s something waiting for him after (especially on bad days), and, on the flipside, restrains himself in moments of but the strongest passions out of fear, the uncommon person is free of this motivator. He does whatever he does, good or evil, without the burden of considering where it will land him in the afterlife.

Then there are those that live essentially for the afterlife, and hence do not fear death in this one for that very reason. Those, unfortunately, are the ones we seem to hear the most about.

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