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1/30/09 / 100%

12:49 PM According to this article, based on independent research, Denver is the top city where Americans would like to live. Runners-up were San Diego and Seattle.

I’m not surprised at the cities on the bottom: Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

9:30 AM Last night I went to a movie screening in Denver, at a small local events center. The film was Wardance, about a small school in the war-torn northern region of Uganda that goes to the national song and dance competition.

The film was very well-made and touching. It focused on three children of the Acholi tribe, Rose, Nancy, and Dominic, each of whom either lost their family to rebel militants or were separated from them. The children now live in a government-run refugee camp. Each child recounted their ordeal in their own voice and words – perhaps the most powerful aspect of the film. The children spoke English surprisingly well, probably the work of Christian missionaries in charge of their education.

Their triumph in the end, to go to Kampala for the competition and win, was truly inspirational.

After the screening representatives of local agencies that are directly involved in Uganda spoke about their work. Their initiatives included teaching locals micro-farming for self-sustenance, helping young pregnant women – many of whom were raped – safely deliver their children, and helping local women earn an income by selling hand-made beads.


Some numbers from the universe

8:58 AM Is nature perfect? I don’t know the answer. If I did I would post it over at my other site, TRA.

Can there be more than one state of perfection? I’m thinking about evolution. Would there need to be evolution if everything was perfect? Or can there be an evolution within perfection?

Dogs, for example, eat the feces of other animals and even other dogs. Now, you could call this the design of nature, except some of what they eat can actually be harmful to them. If a dog is under my protection obviously I can protect it, but what about the dogs out there just roaming around? Why did nature have it the way it is? Was it by design so that some dogs perish that way to keep their population (and hence the eco-system at large) in balance, or is it a quirk that evolution is slowly correcting?

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