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2/02/09 / Fuckbook

8:32 PM The speakers on my HP laptop suddenly stopped working. Thankfully the headphone jack still works, so I had to get a couple of cheap speakers to make do. I got these Altec Lansing BXR1120 at Staples for $20, and they sound pretty good for the price. It even comes with a strange little plastic dock for the iPod.

Altec Lansing BXR1120

3:53 PM I can’t wait to see the reactions to this one:

…social networking giant Facebook has new plans for generating revenue; offering its 150 million user database as a market research tool to corporations.

-from article

Here’s a comment in response to the article:

They have been doing this for months already… As a gay man listed in a relationship on facebook, 90% of the ads I see on the right are ‘gay themed’, or ‘gay directed’.

Pisses me off….. I sleep with men, well one man, but that doesn’t mean I give a crap about circuit parties, gay cruises, etc….

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