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Monthly Archives: February 2009

2/08/09 / RPM

7:48 PM RPM = rounds per minute Just saw an Air Force ad on Hulu where a young man is talking about the machine gun on a helicopter or fighter jet. He mentioned the number 4000 – the number of rounds it expels per minute I’m guessing. His final statement in the ad: It gets [...]

2/07/09 / Vile

6:24 PM Women have more free time than men, apparently, for spending on social networking sites. 9:04 AM In those moments in TV shows and movies where characters are shown talking but their voices are masked with music, what do they really talk about? What do the actors say to each other? Do they know [...]

2/05/09 / s

7:22 PM When I said The Curious Case of Benjamin Button resembled Forrest Gump to me, I didn’t know I was speaking as much from fact as from a hunch. Apparently both films are scripted by the same guy! His name is Eric Roth, and he didn’t keep much from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920s story [...]

2/04/09 / Buford

8:00 AM An interesting article in the January ’09 Popular Photography magazine discusses the differences between how men and women perceive photography. I learned: When looking at an image of a figure, women tend to look at the face whereas males focus on both the face and the crotch. Women look for longer periods at [...]

2/02/09 / Fuckbook

8:32 PM The speakers on my HP laptop suddenly stopped working. Thankfully the headphone jack still works, so I had to get a couple of cheap speakers to make do. I got these Altec Lansing BXR1120 at Staples for $20, and they sound pretty good for the price. It even comes with a strange little [...]

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