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4/21/09 / Carry

11:57 PM According to this article, about 2% of bloggers are making a successful living off blogging. There are now almost as many paid bloggers as lawyers in the U.S. Interesting points:

  • 3 out of 4 bloggers are college-educated
  • Most are white males with above-average incomes
  • It takes about 100,000 unique visitors a month to generate $75k annual income
  • As a result of the increase in bloggers, the numbers of journalists has declined

Note: Comments about the original article, which was published on WSJ Online, are skeptical, especially on that figure of 100k unique visitors equating to $75k annual income.

2:45 PM I’ve been watching Rescue Me on Hulu lately, starting from Season 1. The show is hilarious. The guys are all macho men but they’re likable. Some memorable lines I’ve heard on the show:

  • “Skyscraper with tits” (referring to really tall woman)
  • “Incredible Hulk with tits” (female bodybuilders)
  • “My sperm are like ants, they can carry more than their own weight…they can push through others’ sperm”
  • A dog named Asshole
  • “She gives blowjobs?”
    “She’s Jewish!”
    “We all know Jew broads give great blowjobs.”

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