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I’m worried about Google

According to this award-winning documentary about “Big brother” and involuntary monitoring of people, Google stores all searches ever conducted over its networks – unlike most of its competitors.

What’s more disturbing, however, concerns their Gmail service (which I use). Since they offer practically unlimited space, most people keep all their e-mail messages. That means Google has all those e-mail messages at its disposal at any time. If and ever a user deletes an e-mail, Google still keeps it on their end, up to two months or more.

The scariest part, though, is that Google has acquired exemption from a privacy bill in California so that it can sell, if it so chooses, its users’ personal information down the road.

AOL, by comparison, doesn’t store web searches or instant messages, but it stores (unread) e-mails. E-mails that have been read are stored for 2 days.

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