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5/09/09 / Spike

8:13 PM Over the past few days I had the topic of names on my mind, how certain ones sound better than others. Just now I came across this article on baby names, which suggests that:

In aggregate, the popularity of baby names are merely driven by the rules of fashion. By a process known as the “ratchet effect,” the names change slowly, as millions of individuals just happen to like names that sound kind of, but not too much, like ones they know.

I wasn’t thinking about baby names, but I decided that, in general, names ending with an “o” don’t sound good, except maybe when they’re Japanese (Onkyo, Tokyo) or Italian (Enzo, Mario). On a raw emotional level I feel a disinclination toward companies like Mopar and Cisco on the sole basis of their names.

6:25 PM The article summary reads:

A 27-year-old man from Fort Collins was killed late Friday night after being hit by a car while he was running across Harmony Road.

Twenty-seven’s not that old. It’s graduation season and I’ve been seeing college students everywhere; they have family visiting, friends celebrating, etc. etc. My immediate reaction, after I read that line, was to imagine a young man running across a two-lane street with a median. Then suddenly, that life’s over.


6:05 PM Photos from today’s hike with Lila. We went to Mt. Sanitas Trail, which is local. The photos were taken with the camera in my phone.

8:08 AM Continuing from my question last time, about women and their entitlement to what they deserve, I have decided that deserve is a very strong word, in the way that it is said hate is a strong word. I put the two in the same category in terms of the weight they carry.

8:04 AM A couple of observations from a modern sitcom episode:

  • I wonder how much KFC paid CBS for the plug for their new grilled chicken – not once but twice
  • They really are using the word vagina quite liberally on television these days

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