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5/16/09 / Pierce

Written yesterday, Friday 5/15/09, 8:26 AM

It’s Day 2 without the internet, and I feel crippled. I’m not addicted to Facebook or Twitter (I’m not even on those services), but I need to check e-mail to communicate with clients and get work done. Now, I’m not some big corporate hot shot that my world falls apart if my Blackberry stops working for 15 minutes. I can manage for another few days without the internet, but I would much rather lose the phone than the internet. Communication with prospective clients and, more importantly, current clients, is on hold until I’m back online.

For the past few months I had a deal with my next door neighbor to piggyback on his wireless network in exchange for half his internet service cost. It was a win-win for both of us: I save the hassle of creating a new account and he gets some extra money. He moved yesterday and obviously took his internet with him. I went around at various times yesterday, knocking on a few neighboring doors trying to find out who owns a certain wireless network, but with no luck yet, so it seems I’ll have to make a deal with the devil (Comcast) and sign up directly. I did leave a note under two doors I suspect might own that network, to contact me if they do own it and want to share and split costs, so we’ll see if I get any calls or knocks on the door today.

So for now, I sit, and I wait.

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