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5/29/09 / Throng

6:39 PM Why are Indian people such nerds? Seven of eleven winners in the latest Spelling bee were Indian.

What I found more interesting were a couple of comments about the event:

Argh! As an Indian, I don’t like it at all. What is the point of learning to spell at a freakish level?

I had a chance to watch the national math counts championship some years ago. It was all Asians and Jews.


I appreciate these kids and their talent but parents ought to go a little easy. The obsession with “Spelling Bees” in the US based Indian community is dangerous! Majority of these kids are confined to “nerd” status all thru their school years and their parents do more harm than they realize. An entry to the National Bees earns lifelong bragging rights for the parents in the desi community. Does it do anything for the kids in the real world as US citizens? Probably not!

For a change try encouraging your kids to participate in more endurance sports than the Spelling Bees.


And then, from the same source as above, there’s this (random but seemingly sincere) comment:

Well…its nice to hear that Indian-American kids are flourishing. God bless them. But can the US administration be a bit more pro-active in getting the American-Indians confined to reservation camps sprouting all over the US, into the main stream in society. The reservation camps have been allowed self administration and law enforcers do not enter those areas. The result is that the reservation camps are centres of crime, drug abuse, gambling which even interested local whites utilise. But the mindset of White Americans, having grown up playing Cowboys n Indians, is to deprive them legitimate places in society if any of them have ideas of breaking free from their reservation areas. Even colored Americans who did’nt have a right to vote till 1960 are today much better off. Though there are localities where a colored man will be looked up by the local Sheriff just for having entered a white neighbourhood.

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