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6/11/09 / Manhattan

Song of the day

I had been searching for this song for a long time, and just now came to remember when I opened up OneNote and say a note to myself to look for it. Not surprisingly it didn’t take long to find it today (as opposed to a few years ago when I last looked).

The song is “Ehsaan mere dil pe” from the movie Gaban, sung by Mohammed Rafi, with music by Shankar Jaikishan.

I was pretty excited to find out my bike weighs a mere 24 lbs. earlier this week at the bike shop. With the changes I’d like to make (listed here), I’m sure I can easily get it down to under 22 lbs. Not bad for a middle-of-the-line Rockhopper!

Picture of the day:

A picture for Nissan for their "Shift" ad campaign

I would rather not know someone than know them through a proxy. A good example is when your friend is dating someone who you never actually meet, but only hear about through them. Now, chances are, when things are going well, you’ll hear mostly good things, and when things start to turn, that person turns into an asshole, a jerk, a bitch, and so on and so forth.

How well and – more importantly – how accurately can you get to know a person this way? I think it’s worse than not knowing the person at all. The only way to actually know a person for yourself is to spend time with them yourself, isn’t it? No matter how well-intentioned that proxy might be, can he or she help but have bias creep in to their perspective? Only one thing is guaranteed: someone you could have gotten to know and even like for yourself is now forever painted on your mind in unflattering colors. It’s possible that you might cross paths sometime down the road and get that opportunity, but it’s a fat chance.

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