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Of ‘isms, ‘ists, and ‘ites

  • I’m weary of investing my time in magazine articles and new books, because these are written by authors I haven’t heard of, authors without a reputation. Is that conformity of some sort? Does that make me a conformist or traditionalist or classicist? Do I subscribe to counter-originalism?
  • I am uncomfortable with the idolizing of any person, man or woman, be they political, social, or entertainment figures. Is that pessimism or cynicism? Am I a suspicionist?
  • I am not on facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or any other popular social media websites. I don’t have an iPhone and I don’t use the internet on my cell phone. Does that make me a luddite?
  • I believe nothing is absolute, including science and the naming of things. Am I a relativist and subjectivist? Do I belong to the camp of relativism and nominalism?
  • I believe that basic health care should be afforded to all and that prevention should be the most aggressively marketed medicine. Am I a socialist? Do I like socialism and utopianism?
  • In my opinion religion takes away from the world more than it offers; it is the cause of most (if not all) that ails mankind today. Am I being simplistic and reductivist?
  • I don’t believe everyone’s obesity can be cured by diet and exercise; I believe some obesity is genetic. Is that an escapist notion along conciliatory lines?
  • I believe the popular meaning of patriotism in this country has come to represent nationalism. Am I unpatriotic or a heretic?

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