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10/07/09 / Judith

Why is it that in television commercials featuring both black and non-black actors, the black actor is always in the protagonist’s role? Is it because it’s politically incorrect to portray the black guy or girl as the disadvantaged one?

Some of the commercials that come to mind are:

  • Miller Genuine Draft 64. The black guy has a MGD 64 and the white guy has an odd-shaped glass with 64 calories worth of Michelob Ultra.
  • Verizon Wireless. The black guy has his Blackberry with Verizon Wireless ile the white guy doesn’t, and uses his phone as a paperweight.
  • Some lipstick commercial where the black woman contemplates sharing the word about her fabulous lipstick, but once complimented on it (by a white woman), changes her mind.

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