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10/31/09 / Thermos

I bought myself a Thermos today. The idea is to bring coffee or tea with me to the library to do work instead of spending $2 (at least) everytime to go to a coffee shop. It was only $5!


This world, I’m realizing more and more to my dismay, is built not for breadth, but rather for depth. There’s not much room for dabblers and dilletantes; for the fulfillment of fleeting curiosities – unless of course you’re rich. “They” want you to pick something and stick with it; they want you to delve deeper and further into that one chosen topic, and not think twice about straying from your field of interest. If you do develop other interests (which you doubtless will), they are to remain peripheral, secondary, as hobbies. You cannot be one thing and another.

Who are they? They are no specific people; it would be too large of a undertaking on any person or people’s part to have deliberately designed things to be this way, I believe. They are the social order, or simply, “the way things are”.

Maybe I ought to move to a quaint little town somewhere where nothing special ever happens. A college town like Boulder is not a good place to seek that kind of monotony.

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