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Monthly Archives: October 2009

On great men

It is my (humble, uninformed, and unscientific) opinion, that greatness in men is more a function of historical context than any person’s innate genius. This is, of course, not to discount their personal contribution to whatever made them great or famous. Yesterday I was reading the introduction to a book when the name of William [...]

10/07/09 / Judith

Why is it that in television commercials featuring both black and non-black actors, the black actor is always in the protagonist’s role? Is it because it’s politically incorrect to portray the black guy or girl as the disadvantaged one? Some of the commercials that come to mind are: Miller Genuine Draft 64. The black guy [...]

Of ‘isms, ‘ists, and ‘ites

I’m weary of investing my time in magazine articles and new books, because these are written by authors I haven’t heard of, authors without a reputation. Is that conformity of some sort? Does that make me a conformist or traditionalist or classicist? Do I subscribe to counter-originalism? I am uncomfortable with the idolizing of any [...]

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