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What’s to say…

…that hasn’t already been said?

It’s my feeling that everything about the human experience has already been said, if only in skeleton form. By that I mean that the content of that skeleton will continually change with the advent of new technology, new politics, new sociology, etc. But man, in his range of experiences – satisfaction, sadness, joy, melancholy, etc. – does not change.

So why do people keep writing?

  • Because it’s therapeutic for the writer. (Milan Kundera’s graphomania continually haunts my psyche.)
  • Because not everything that’s been written has been read by everyone, let alone read at all. So new words for old concepts are what come about, again and again, to reach new audiences, elicit new or similar reactions to what their older versions managed to elicit in their audiences, and to call forth new or similar responses which, in turn, will reach their own new audience.

And so the cycle continues…

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