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11/10/09 / SDHC

I saw State of Play over the weekend, and overall I was a bit disappointed. Two specific points stuck out for me:

  • The relationship between Russell Crowe’s and Robin Wright Penn’s characters seemed superfluous, unnecessary to the plot of the movie. It was poorly developed and portrayed. What was the point of them having romantic/sexual tension? It was weak.
  • Also weak was how Russell Crowe convinces Jason Bateman to cooperate with him. The confidence he displays before going in for the task makes you think he’s got some really clever trick up his sleeve, but in the end he just blackmails Bateman, and not that effectively in my opinion. As I was watching I kept waiting for Russell Crowe to drop some sort of bomb that would bring Bateman over to his side, but it never happened. Bateman just agreed to cooperate, without being really properly persuaded.

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