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11/11/09 / Mya

For some reason I was thinking earlier about the things Indian people found ridiculous about life in the west, and jokingly talked about at their parties. A couple that came to mind:

  • Inmates in Canada have access to books and television. Indian people joked that inmates in Western countries live better than most people back home.
  • People treat their dogs like kids, or even better than kids. Again, the comparison was with the masses of India, who had less to give their kids than “people here” give their dogs.

I’m sure there are other things, but these are the two I randomly thought of this morning.

I’ve been using my phone to listen to music, and I have to say, it works pretty well. (I had to buy a special connector, but it was less than $5 on eBay.) Right now I have a 1 GB microSD card in there, but once I get a bigger one (4 or 8 GB), I’ll be set to have enough music with me anytime without having to carry an additional device.

I’m curious to see how well Napster will work for managing the music I put on the storage card. Although I don’t use Windows Media Player, both Napster and my phone use it, so I’m hoping they’ll work well together.

"national conversation"

Safeway blog

Join the conversation
From the local CBS affiliate website

People (read: media) are really getting carried away in their use of the word “conversation” these days. On the local CBS affiliate website they advertise every 10 seconds (not literally) to “Join the conversation” on their website. Elsewhere on television and online, I’ve seen and read several interviews where the interviewee urges the public to either start or join “the conversation” about the topic they’re discussing.

What’s with the damn conversation? I don’t want to join your stupid conversation or start one of my own!

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