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Monthly Archives: December 2009

12/29/09 / Open

Song of the day Tere bare mein by Jagjit Singh

12/28/09 / I survived…

I’ve always had a revulsion for women who with cosmetics manage to knock off a whole decade from their fifty years, but shake your hand like a soldier. Who can change the tire on a Polskifiat in five minutes without doing any harm to their Margaret Astor fingernail polish, and who after a pleasant screw [...]

12/27/09 / On advice

“You live only as long as you can lie into the mug of anybody, and without batting an eye. And when you can’t anymore, well, it’s time to get hold of that razorblade.” -Tranquility, Attila Bartis, Pg. 99 With the proliferation of advice – on the Internet, in the news, on television shows (Oprah, Dr. [...]

How to: Make a how-to list

First and foremost, keep the goal in mind. Read my lips when I tell you that there is only one goal: Quantity (of readers) over quality (of content). It doesn’t matter what you write; all that matters is that people read it, and tell others to read it. Everything you do, everything following this point, [...]

On music

Yes, triumph over self, that may well have been the essence of his triumph over this love – over this enchantment of the soul with dark consequences. In the solitude of night, Hans Castorp’s thoughts, or intuitive half-thoughts, soared high as he sat before his truncated musical coffin [a gramophone] … ah, they soared higher [...]

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