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12/06/09 / Buyer beware

On death and surviving it

Should we be concerned about what those who survive us think about us after we’re gone? In a glimpse of a TV show episode I just saw, a woman finds out that when her husband had a car accident (in which he died), there was another woman in the car with him. That just made me wonder whether the dead guy, while he was alive, considered how his widowed wife would feel if she ever found out in the way that she did, where he would no longer be around for her to direct her anger at and find closure.

Big number (of people)

Six billion and counting

That’s just a very big number for anything, not just people; it’s probably close to the number of stars in the sky (or something else that’s ridiculously unknowable). But for people it takes on a whole another meaning, at least in my mind. Those are living breathing human beings, like myself, with thoughts, feelings, temperaments, interests and curiosities. The question is how do you get to know them? Getting to know even one or a few is a task (sometimes a struggle); how do you wrap your head around a number so big when each single unit is a unique and complex individuality in itself?

Breakfast in bed

Something about eating breakfast in bed sounds really unappetizing to me. How does it even work? Do you get out of bed to brush your teeth, use the bathroom, etc. before you climb back in to eat in it, or do you stay in bed after waking up and only get out after eating breakfast?

It just sounds…lazy and decadent.

When I first heard this story yesterday, I tried to imagine what this guy was going through, and I said to myself that it’s bewildering the kinds of hell people must live in inside their own heads, enough to end their lives in such a tragic and painfull way.

The comments to the story are interesting (as is to be expected), and encouragingly humane:

Occupants of the SUV, including at least one child, were taken to Boulder Community Hospital and were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

—-he changed that family’s world

Having being forced to take a women’s studies class to fulfill a “gender and diversity requirement” at CU in order to graduate, I want to say one thing about this: I sure as hell hope that those classes he took didn’t make him hate being a man.

Rip on me all you want, but taking even that one class at CU showed me there is an anti-male tone to that program, which some might take too far. In one case, a guy got up and read a speech saying how he was “ashamed” to be a man and that he wished he had never been born because of his gender–I’m not even joking.

I may be in the minority here – but I really feel that DC should not allow comments on certain stories – particularly ones like these. I’ve lost a family member tragically and found myself compelled to read news stories – it’s almost as if one is struggling to move through the denial phase – so I am sure many of this young man’s friends and family will visit this story. The anonymity of the web unfortunately allows people to feel comfortable speculating, joking and otherwise commenting in inappropriate ways.

This is horrible. There is a person who has died from circumstances that have yet to be determined, a, family and friends in total shock, another family who will never be the same as a result of this incident and the Boulder Daily Camera runs a headline ” Boulder police: CU student killed on U.S. 36 jumped from overpass”

as one reads the remainder of the article, NOWHERE in the article do the Boulder Police state that a CU student “JUMPED FROM OVERPASS”.

the only things that are stated in the article are:
> “after police said he APPARENTLY jumped into traffic …”
> “Officers SUSPECT Torres jumped because they found …. ”
> “The Boulder County Coroner’s Office HASN’T MADE AN OFFICIAL RULING on the cause and manner of Torres’ death.

and yet the Camera runs the headline that the “CU student killed on U.S. 36 jumped from overpass”

Boulder Daily Camera, remove that Headline immediately ! You are insensitive and recklessly irresponsible in your behavior and lack any journalistic ethics. I hope you are sued for libel.

What a sad day all around. RIP mate !

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