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12/28/09 / I survived…

I’ve always had a revulsion for women who with cosmetics manage to knock off a whole decade from their fifty years, but shake your hand like a soldier. Who can change the tire on a Polskifiat in five minutes without doing any harm to their Margaret Astor fingernail polish, and who after a pleasant screw or even an unpleasant divorce still know exactly what the meaning of life is.

-Tranquility, Attila Bartis, Pg. 163

What I saw today:

  • A guy, sitting in the driver’s seat of a curious little hatchback (a Volvo C30) outside a cafe, on his laptop while the car is running. My assumption is he had to check something online but didn’t have the time to go inside or didn’t want to pay to have to sit in the care.
  • Someone from Sheffield, UK, arrived at my site after searching for “pictuers of people having sex” (their spelling) in Google. Specifically, they arrived at the picture in the How to post below.
  • The entire gym lost power while people were working out and I was in yoga class. Backup lights came on but they still had to evacuate. Did they forget to pay the electricity bill? Adjacent buildings were lit, so it was something specific to the gym building.

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