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Monthly Archives: January 2010


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1/26/10 / Violation

What’s with the numbers? Just in the past hour I’ve come across three sites with numbers in their names… 72photos Style14 23 …which naturally makes me ask, “What’s with the damn numbers? Do they mean anything?” Quotations of the day May I remind you that when Isaac Newton was president of the Royal Society he [...]

1/25/10 / FBI

On doctors Shouldn’t a “true” doctor be passionate about health? So if that’s true, is it accurate to assume that any doctor who smokes or drinks diet soda is in the field simply for the money and prestige that’s associated with the profession?

1/24/10 / Finkel

Poem of the day Faith by Robert Kendall Quote of the day These were the streets where we had lived, these the houses, during a period of time when today could not influence tomorrow, and we possessed the confidence to argue about things we did not understand. -”The Walls of Avila”, Lost in Uttar Pradesh, [...]

1/23/10 / Pry

10 things I would do… I’m sorry, but why does this guy get paid to blog about the 10 things he would do with the upcoming Apple tablet? I know that’s what editorials are all about, sharing opinions, but this one just hit me as being particularly lame because lists are all the rage all [...]

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