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Surveilling the people

China flagIran flag

Google logo

A bit extreme, yes, but it certainly gets my point across.

There are China and Iran, monitoring their citizens’ every move on the Internet, blocking them from certain information in many cases. Then there’s Google, monitoring everyone on the Internet (everyone who uses their services, which is pratically everyone). We know what China and Iran are after (power), but what does Google want? They say “Don’t do evil” but what are they doing with all that information? They give away services that others charge a premium for, so what’s the catch?

I have a love-hate relationship with Google. I use their e-mail service because it works well; I use their search engine because it works well. But I can’t get over the thought of what their motives are as a company. Why do they give away Gmail for free? Google Voice? They want our e-mail and voice data going through them, otherwise why would they give away these services? I still don’t know why they have to keep their users’ e-mails even after they delete them.

I can make an analogy to the tobacco companies. They weren’t forcing cigarettes down smokers’ throats. Smokers knew cigarettes were bad, yet they kept smoking. Similarly, Google doesn’t force anyone to use their products, so how much are they to blame?

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