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1/20/10 / Consequence

Thought of the day

If ever you feel like complaining about how you look – that you look fat, or your eyes are puffy or your hair not optimum – I offer to come to you, wherever you are, at my own expense, and break your legs or teeth or any other part of your body. In short, I will do whatever it takes for you to appreciate your good health. I will feel proud if you feel humbled, or even shamed, at the pettiness of your thoughts.

God is a curious one, and seeing as he’s perfect, I believe he arrived at his decision after careful thought – the decision being to not leave man anything he can ever take for granted. Be it health, wealth, knowledge, or even life, there is not one element in a person’s life that he or she can securely take for granted, knowing with full certainty that what is today will surely be tomorrow. All that knowledge you’ve acquired through years of university education, schizophrenia could come tomorrow and steal it away; cheesecakes and pumpkin pies, diabetes will make them scarce; the love of your life could today meet an accident or tomorrow decide to leave you. Anything is possible, at any time.

[This thought inspired by seeing a group of mentally-disabled, possibly victims of fetal alcohol syndrome, adults drinking coffee and browsing books at the bookstore.]

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