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1/26/10 / Violation

What’s with the numbers?

Just in the past hour I’ve come across three sites with numbers in their names…

…which naturally makes me ask, “What’s with the damn numbers? Do they mean anything?”

Quotations of the day

May I remind you that when Isaac Newton was president of the Royal Society he caused a newly designed cannon to be rejected. Why? Because, Sir Isaac said, it was a diabolic instrument meant only for mass killing. Our culture, ladies and gentlemen, is altogether different.

-”Election Eve”, Lost in Uttar Pradesh, pg. 163

What do people in other countries think of us? he asked. How do they regard us?

This was a provocative question, so he paused significantly before continuing.

They see a nation steeped in righteousness where guns are as easy to buy as lollipops. A nation that executes criminals without spilling one drop of blood. A nation of hypocritical preachers with the brains of pterodactyls and politicians who would sell their daughters for a vote. But I digress. Let me say a few words about our teflon President. He informed us that pollution is caused by trees. Many of us did not realize that. He told us that a Nicaraguan army could march from Managua to Harlingen, Texas, in two days. Yes, two days. Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico. Quite a march. And once across the Rio Grande, what would these Nicaraguan Communists do? Burn the Harlingen County Courthouse?

Ronald Reagan secretly attempted to overthrow the elected government of another country and what did Congress do? Renamed the airport in his honor.

-Pg. 164

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