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2/03/10 / Raashan

“The number one need of any human is to be liked by other humans”


मुश्किलें इतनी पढ़ी मुझपर के आसान हो गयीं
(So many difficulties fell upon me that they became easy)

-Mirza Ghalib

Just as Ghalib’s difficulties “became easy” by being so many, I wonder if the elite of the world (or at least America), now that there are so many of them, aren’t rendered generic in the same way. Ivy League graduates working their high-falootin’ jobs as doctors and lawyers – aren’t they just a category to the rest of us? They’re probably wonderful individuals, but their impressive titles, along with earning them an enviable living, also alienate them from the rest of the world. And their enviable living, is it just me or is it becoming less and less enviable by the day? As America wakes up to its excessive ways, are these people going to remain asleep? Note that I’m generalizing here. I’m sure there are many socially conscious individuals who have impressive degrees and jobs, but – at least in my mind two recent events have tarnished the image of the American elite: the crash of the economy, and the presidency of George W. Bush.

At least in my mind, according to my own prejudices and in order to be able to categorize them, Ivy League graduates, doctors and lawyers, investment bankers and CEOs – they’re all lumped together as one – rich and privileged people who have probably never seen a day of hardship in their lives; haven’t had to worry about anything because their family’s connections already ensure them a cozy place in the social food chain.

The question, in my mind, is who will “win” in the end, the elite or the commoner.

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