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2/26/10 / Dongle

The love of animals

They say humans need love; that if there’s anything man needs besides air, water, and bread it’s love and the companionship of others. So I wonder how loving an animal is different from loving another human. Is it really a different love in quality? Aside from the obvious sexual component, what does the love of another person provide that an animal’s love cannot?

They don’t speak, but they certainly make their love clear and known. And there are other important considerations as well: they don’t hold grudges, they don’t hold unrealistic expectations or make crazy demands; they don’t need birthday cards and gifts and ostentatious shows of love – it’s enough for them that you’re there and that you love them in the simplest ways possible: spending time with them, showing them affection, playing with them. The only kinds of humans that kind of love seems to be sufficient for is children, but, alas, they grow up.

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