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Monthly Archives: March 2010

On being celebrity

I admire celebrities. They have to tolerate people talking about them, behind their backs, in gossip columns and online, saying good, bad, or downright mean things. It takes a certain fortitude of spirit I think, and honestly I don’t know if I possess it. But then I think: are all celebrities really that self-aware and [...]

On taking more than we need

I hear the body pisses out whatever extra vitamins and minerals it ingests that it doesn’t need. I also read a few months ago about a study of an ape species that revealed that they only take what they need in the way of food, even if more is available to them. Why can’t we [...]

On whites and their so-called supremacy

It’s curious how only whites have the hubris to congregate and declare themselves supreme; that they form social organizations to keep land (and other resources) away from immigrants – land they themselves stole from others hundreds of years ago. I’d like to see some Oriental or Latino supremacist groups. It would be nice to balance [...]

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