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Even though the odds are stacked against me (according to it), I really enjoyed this book. According to this book:

  • I’ll never be a professional hockey player, or play any other sport professionally, the leagues of which have cut-off dates of January 1st, since my birthday is in December.
  • I missed my chance to be a software tycoon, a la Bill Gates, because I wasn’t born in 1955; nor will I be a successful Jewish lawyer in New York City born in 1930-31
  • I’m not culturally advantaged toward arithmetic because I’m not Asian, and I wasn’t raised with the Asian counting system which is simpler and more intuitive than its English equivalent
  • Most importantly, I better get cracking at whatever it is I want to be great at, because it takes about 10,000 hours of practice in any one skill to become a master at it!

The book has a wonderful message that no man is an island – especially no successful man. Anyone has the same potential to achieve success and greatness if life, through all its situations and circumstances, is in their favor.

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