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My Generation

Finally an interesting show from ABC, called My Generation, that catches up with a group of young adults from Austin, Texas ten years after high school. One thing I can’t tell, however, is whether the show is actually for real or if it’s staged. I mean there has to be some staging and acting involved, but it’s hard to tell just how much is real and how much is the rest.

For example (spoiler alert):

  • The scene where the couple is sipping wine and talking about their married life looks like something out of a dark comedy/satire type show
  • The one guy who from the start wants kids ends up being infertile
  • On the blind date the lawyer girl Brenda goes on, the guy tells her he has a small penis but knows how to use it!

I graduated high school the same year as these kids, and watching them watching videos of themselves from ten years ago reminded me of a line from a song by the one and only Gulzar (from the film Masoom):

तुझसे नाराज़ नहीं ज़िन्दगी हैरान हूँ मैं

tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi hairaan hoon main

It means: Life, it’s not that I’m mad at you, just surprised.

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