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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Aye gulbadan

Song of the day Mohammed Rafi’s “Aye gulbadan” from the film Professor. One of my favorite songs from my favorite singer.

11/25/10 / Alone

Song of the day Timothy Victor’s This is my city Turning my memories Hoping to find out where all the loyalty’s gone The friends that I had then Turned into strangers Thinking of you all alone If you see me now You see me alone If you see me I’ll be heading home ‘Cause this [...]

I am thanks-giving

[imagine this as a Saturday Night Live skit, spoken in a thick Indian accent, parodying a U.S. government campaign to mitigate anti-American sentiment amongst immigrant populations] I luv this country. My family migrated here, with nothing but a dream (and some rotis and achaar [pickled spices] that weren’t appreciated by passengers sitting near us on [...]

Pop the Pope

The Pope is an idiot And all other popes before him were idiots. And anyone who follows him and listens to him is an idiot. And all hard-line Catholics/Hindus/Muslims/Jews/Protestants/Mormons are idiots. Anyone who refuses to change with and adapt to the changing world is an idiot, and should be called as such. But then kudos [...]

When did you choose to be straight?

(From Boing Boing) What a great way to get people to think! It’s not confrontational, they’re not putting the interviewee on the spot or making them feel uncomfortable or cornered on camera. Such a simple question does so much to open people’s minds. It’s brilliant.

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