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Drill baby drill!

I learned recently, from the first episode of the PBS documentary The Story of India, that the ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro were wiped out by climate change – not people fighting, using too much fuel, or doing something else destructive to themselves or the planet, but rather just nature taking its course.

So an idea dawned on me: Has anyone calculated how long it is before something like that happens to us? We’re more advanced than we’ve ever been, so surely someone somewhere must currently be working on just how long we have before global warming due to our own destructive ways won’t matter a smidgen because Mother Nature has a plan of her own to follow that will wipe us out, right?

So then if, by chance, Mother Nature’s timeline roughly coincides with the amount of time we’re giving ourselves, with global warming and all, why not drill and mine the hell out of this planet? If we’re going to go anyway naturally at about the same time as we would were we to suddenly become model environmental citizens in our daily ways, why not just indulge ourselves and live the hell out of our indulgent lives the way we have been for a century? I’m not speaking facetiously or sarcastically; maybe the Republicans are on to something; maybe Sarah’s right when she says “Drill baby drill, mine baby mine!”

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