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Monthly Archives: March 2013

3/24/13 / Chintzy

For lack of a better word I plucked chintzy from my vocabulary to lasso in a group of web development books I’ve come across recently. These books are fine, but the names make me cringe and want to not read them. Books like: [abp:0596157258] [abp:1934356832] [abp:1449327443]

3/20/13 / Reader

Song of the day Rishton mein daraar by Jagjit Singh Rishton Mein Daraar by Jagjit Singh on Grooveshark

3/13/13 / Long sleep

Useless I have just decided that every universally applicable axiom of life[5] is utterly devoid of any value toward guiding you how to act in your day-to-day life, toward abiding to said axiom. “Universal truths” like the following come to mind: Life is all about balance[6] Practice discipline For advice you can actually implement, it’s [...]

On taking failure personally

[abp: 0865479410] …the idea that a person could be ‘a failure’ had sprung directly from the growth of entrepreneurial capitalism … One crucial development … was the emergence of credit rating agencies, whose role was to sit in judgment upon individuals seeking loans from banks, helping the banks determine the risk they would be taking [...]

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