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Category Archives: India

7/01/09 / Rescue

I drove 433 miles on 10.03 gallons of gas. That’s 43.17 miles per gallon. “You’re in ruins…” If you have the stomach for it, read this description of this sick practice in Pakistan where they torture bears for entertainment. The practice is condemned by the Pakistani government, and even by Islamic law, but it still [...]


6:13 PM Picture of the day (not mine): 3:25 PM Last night I saw Bill Maher’s Religulous. It was very good, in his signature sarcastic style. Toward the end he said something I really liked, something along the lines of: What society needs in response to the unanswered questions we have as human beings are [...]

3/04/09 / Habius

11:30 AM I’ve discovered a great site for watching free documentary films. 10:41 AM Immigrants are returning to China and India! (and other places too). From article: Because immigrants are critical to the country’s long-term economic health. Despite the fact that they constitute only 12% of the U.S. population, immigrants have started 52% of Silicon [...]

On the patriarchal family

We in the west (myself included) tend to think of the patriarchal family structure of the east as restrictive and confining, so it was interesting for me to come across a passage in a book I’m currently reading that sheds a new light on that structure.  (The book is not new but I consider it [...]

11/30/08 / Leo

1:40 PM Just over a year ago, I had both breakfast and a beer at night at Leopold’s Cafe, one of the sites hit by the Mumbai terrorists.  There were many foreigners there – probably why the terrorists targeted it. On the morning I was leaving Mumbai, I went across the street to Leopold’s from [...]

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