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6:13 PM Picture of the day (not mine): 3:25 PM Last night I saw Bill Maher’s Religulous. It was very good, in his signature sarcastic style. Toward the end he said something I really liked, something along the lines of: What society needs in response to the unanswered questions we have as human beings are [...]

3/15/09 / Mooli

7:51 PM Climbing Everest 3:00 PM Watching Angoor. Absolutely hilarious! I wish Gulzar had made many more movies than he has. 2:52 PM Had the season’s first mountain bike ride yesterday. The weather was around 65 degrees at mid-day; it couldn’t have been better. I rode the Marshall Mesa Trail and Community Ditch Trail.

3/09/09 / Kid

9:15 AM I can still feel yesterday’s hike in my calves. From the State Parks website: Eldorado Canyon Trail Permitted: pedestrians and horses Miles paved: 0 Miles non-paved: 3.5 Total distance: 3.5 one-way Usage: Moderate Degree of difficulty: Moderate/Difficult Beginning Elevation: 6,000 ADA accessible: No Pets: Yes, and on six foot leash under control at [...]

7:51 AM / Darpa

7:51 AM It’s a few years old, but the research says that 63% of Americans believe that “humans and other animals have either always existed in their present form or have evolved over time under the guidance of a supreme being…” In other words, they don’t accept Darwin’s theory of evolution. In an article in [...]

1/30/09 / 100%

12:49 PM According to this article, based on independent research, Denver is the top city where Americans would like to live. Runners-up were San Diego and Seattle. I’m not surprised at the cities on the bottom: Detroit, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. 9:30 AM Last night I went to a movie screening in Denver, at a small [...]

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