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photography-related writing

4/30/09 / Anni

7:57 PM Your (very expensive) car says a lot about you as dating material: Bentley Continental GT says: I have money and will shower you with gifts and attention Maybach says: Gazillionaire Aston Martin DB9 says: hip, cool guy Porsche says: 55-year old going through a midlife crisis Ferrari says: little dick Dodge Viper says: [...]

2/04/09 / Buford

8:00 AM An interesting article in the January ’09 Popular Photography magazine discusses the differences between how men and women perceive photography. I learned: When looking at an image of a figure, women tend to look at the face whereas males focus on both the face and the crotch. Women look for longer periods at [...]

12/13/08 / Hadir

3:44 PM Some small but interesting tidbits I learned about HDR photography through an article in Digital PhotoPro magazine: A typical camera captures about 8 EV of dynamic range; the human eye captures 14 EV Images in print capture about 6 EV Definiton of EV 0: 1-sec exposure at f/1 3:24 PM The Boulder Public [...]

12/07/08 / Kodak

8:32 PM Why do people like to have photos of themselves in their own houses?  Is it for when they forget what they look like? Speaking of Kodak, I noticed today on the local Craigslist someone was giving away Kodak film because he’s all-digital now.  I feel sad for film.  I kind of miss it.

What I’ve learned: Freelance photography

Here’s a brief summary of what I learned at the conference I attended last weekend on travel writing and photography: A website is becoming (or perhaps already has) your face to the world.  If it’s not professional and slick you risk alienating potential clients and editors.  Having a clean and efficient website was repeatedly emphasized [...]

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