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Category Archives: photos

7/4/13 / Happy happy joy joy

Privacy policy bullshit Why the fuck do companies – lawyers really, I suppose – make statements like the following in their privacy policies? will not knowingly sell, share, rent or otherwise transfer your information other than in accordance with the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy. Isn’t that the legalese equivalent of saying the [...]

6/11/09 / Manhattan

Song of the day EhsaanMereDilPeTumharaby squarecut I had been searching for this song for a long time, and just now came to remember when I opened up OneNote and say a note to myself to look for it. Not surprisingly it didn’t take long to find it today (as opposed to a few years ago [...]

Day trip / macro shots

This (below) is what makes Colorado…Colorado – this and not being offered a plastic bag by default no matter how small a purchase may be at the grocery or drug store. Another shot taken while driving a dirt road. We stopped at a park and I did some shooting with the macro lens. (View here.) [...]

5/09/09 / Spike

8:13 PM Over the past few days I had the topic of names on my mind, how certain ones sound better than others. Just now I came across this article on baby names, which suggests that: In aggregate, the popularity of baby names are merely driven by the rules of fashion. By a process known [...]

3/26/09 / Girl I’ve been hurt

11:27 AM The view out of my window this morning: blizzard-like conditions 6 inches of snow every 3 hours

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