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If the world were to end now
I’d crawl underground, but before I did I’d bring you with me.

To start a new world together after this one ends.
Start fresh with molten lava and soft earth.
Air might be scarce but we’ll get by.

Build a life not from scratch but from dirt,
Taste water purer than a glacier.
We’ll see it all, do it all.
From one ocean to the other we’ll walk like gypsies,
amongst deer and gazelle,
facing danger and adventure,
sometimes running sometimes outsmarting.

We’ll forsake modern knowledge to live like hunters,
and be happy like they never were in their simplistic depravity.
We imagine how much better off they were and how worse off we are
in comforts and laziness that have us wasting away.

The lava yields upon us a new dawn to seize the past and create a brighter future.

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