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Last kiss

As many foreign lips your lips may have kissed, this was to be the last new kiss of your life.
A kiss so unlike the rest that you tremble even now from the memory of it.
It was many years ago but still it’s with you. Sweat blood and tears haven’t rid you of it, and nothing ever will.

Sometimes you think of that fateful day, and the many days before it, looking for an indication in there of what was to come. There’s nothing to be found. Your memory has weakened over the years, but the important points are as fresh as ever.

He came from beside you, from the town over, the state over. You didn’t know him and he came out of nowhere. There was something in your eyes he saw, and in his eyes you saw your own eyes and felt beautiful unlike ever before. He made you a goddess in your own eyes, and who can resist that temptation?

One evening he was walking by your store. You hadn’t spoken to him before and even now he didn’t say a word to you. The eyes knew each other from incarnations past, and with confidence he grabbed your hand and led you away. You willingly submitted. It was a sunny afternoon but clouds were settling in. The moon was even visible in some corner, if one cared to look.

He led you along for what seemed like an eternity. You’d look at him, at his hand holding yours, at his feet walking quickly, forcing you to run to catch up every few steps. You remember to this day how you weren’t concerned about where he was taking you. You can’t recall what you were worrying about.

With a jerky movement he turned right and brought you to an open parking lot, next to a large warehouse, not too far from the store. There were no cars, and the two of you occupied perhaps three square feet of space on the ground next to the building wall. The sky looked angry, and for a while he just looked at it, and you looked at him and then at the sky and then back at him, wondering what he’s looking at.

With another sudden movement he pushed against you, squeezing you between the wall and himself. Before anything could register, his lips were on yours. Arms trembled, heart raced, knees weakened, chest heaved, breath evaded. It was the most horrified you’ve ever felt to this day. You wanted to scream but no sound would come out. You wanted to push him away but you had no control over any part of your body. If he weren’t holding you you surely would’ve fallen from buckled knees.

He left you there, fallen, legs tucked under your skirt, a few tears streaming down.

You couldn’t love him more everyday you wake up to him lying next to you.

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