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One of these days you will find me.
In this day and age there are so many ways for you to do so, and some medium will bring you to me, one of these days.

The tables will turn, the tide will turn, the coin will flip, polarity will be reversed.
I wonder how I’ll feel in that moment, how I’ll treat you.
Will I seek vindication or will I be forgiving and kind?
Will I snub you or welcome you back with many questions and genuine concern?

If I welcome you back, we’ll try to stitch together the separate fabrics we weaved in the time we were apart.
We’ll discover something new, something shocking, something engaging.
Like working on a puzzle we’ll huddle together, slightly nervous because the puzzle we’re working on is ourselves,
highly personal and gaping with holes that might involve people places and things we’re unwillingly susceptible to.

The coffee will get cold; we’ll go through many cups.
Night will turn into day into night.
We’ll lie in bed and revel in rediscovery.
A few mornings later, we’ll have made up for lost time completely, and precisely in doing so, been led back to that split in the road where we last parted.
We’ll part again.

Perhaps we’ll meet again.

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