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Angie’s List doesn’t seem all that great

I was about to try Angie’s List just now but then I came across a couple of web pages, including this on the New York Times website, which makes me conclude that it may not be the best place for honest reviews of service providers.

One particularly disturbing comment (2nd from top) is from Dean in Hiram, Ohio, whose business is completely getting screwed because of the way Angie’s List works, and he can’t do anything about it:

Our home improvement company, which has been family owned and operated for more than 15 years, scored an “F’ on Angie’s list.

The reasons? Simply because there were two ALLEGATIONS, both of which were totally unfounded, accusing us of vague and totally unproven complaints.

In the first instance, the customer wanted additional work performed to her satisfaction that was not included in the quote. We don’t work for free.

The second complaint was pursuant a finished basement. It went to court and the complaint by the home owner was totally dismissed by the judge.

Angie’s list was notified and was supplied a copy of the court finding of the dismissal (meaning the customer lost the case).
Angie’s list said that they would not remove the “F” rating until they received a court order to do so.

Since when do we have to prove innocence against false accusations?

We think this should is illegal. Certainly it is unjust.

Does this conjure up any thoughts of a lawsuit?

We think so.

Several other commentators who advertise their businesses on Angie’s List complain about the company pressuring them to advertise, which I don’t want if I’m paying to use a service for the express purpose of getting honest and impartial recommendations.

I’m aware of the irony in the possibility of my misjudging a comments website based on comments on another website! Hopefully my source being the New York Times (and not some random website) is a strong basis for the simple conclusion I’ve come to.

Some interesting sources on Angie’s List:

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Big Breasts & Wide Hips

A couple of passages from my first reading of the 2012 Nobel laureate in Literature, Mo Yan:

Tears slither down the glass of the display; but this time they’re mine, not hers. How many nights in a person’s life does he find himself with no home to return to? This time last year I was fearful of letting her wander late at night all alone; tonight that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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“You ungrateful bastard!” she cursed. “I’d like to know what you’re so unhappy about. You live in the finest hotel in town, you’ve got a servant to prepare your meals. Stick out your arms and you’ll be clothed, open your mouth and you’ll be fed. You live like an emperor, so what the hell else do you want?”

“I want… my freedom,” Jintong muttered.

-Page not recorded

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On tradition

I’m just not convinced that this is the way it has always been done, and so should continue to be so is a smart enough argument to do something a certain way just because tradition dictates, i.e., because the status quo is such.

My simple point is that tradition is great and all but not everything in it is good (or right) by default.

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3/24/13 / Chintzy

For lack of a better word I plucked chintzy from my vocabulary to lasso in a group of web development books I’ve come across recently. These books are fine, but the names make me cringe and want to not read them.

Books like:

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3/20/13 / Reader

Song of the day

Rishton mein daraar by Jagjit Singh

Rishton Mein Daraar by Jagjit Singh on Grooveshark

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