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5/12/11 / Monotonous

“Don’t patronize me!” Every time I hear the phrase “Don’t patronize me!” or some variant thereof on television shows or in movies, I wonder to myself about a possible dilemma. The proper use of the word “patronize” in this context is pronounced pat-ronize, and not pate-ronize, as most people I’ve heard use it say it. [...]

Commit crime => get free classes!

I heard on the radio this morning that inmates in some Colorado prisons get to take classes for free, in subjects like graphic design, and then they even get a certificate (in this case from the Pueblo Community College). My first thought was… Nice, so you commit a crime, go to jail where everything is [...]

The company

A few days ago I heard, on a not-so-popular sitcom, the phrase: I have to do what’s best for the company I hadn’t thought of this before, but I then asked this simple, vital question: Who is “the company”? It may sound silly, but, really, who makes up any company? I could think up three [...]

On racial profiling

Why do so many people complain about being discriminated against in the name of safety? Would they rather save a few minutes – or hell, even several hours – at the potential cost of getting themselves and many other innocent people blown up or injured, and hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars worth [...]

Brick and mortar

I find it difficult to sympathize with retailers, and even small-business owners, who complain that the internet is running their business into the ground. It’s just that the times are changing, what do they want people and government to do about it? I just heard on public radio a local small-business-owner say that the lack [...]

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