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8/26/08 / Inside

5:19 PM My focus, over the past few months, has been shifting, from writing to photography.  I’m getting interested in web design – not so much for itself but as a means to an end, to be able to present my photographs in the best possible way.  Right now I feel I’m just limited by [...]

1/30/08 / How I see knowledge

2:31 PM National Geographic on your brain. 2:44 PM Imagine, if you can, the following: You enter a room, a big dark room. In your hand is a flashlight. You’re still; you turn on the flashlight and shine it around the room. You see the walls of the room and see how large it is. [...]


What’s life without color? Not color the unfortunate blind cannot see, but the color gifted upon each human mind to fill the imagination for the future and memory for the past. Memory carries in it the imagination to build castles and shanties around events we walked through (sometimes with our eyes and minds closed). Color [...]

2/28/07 / Tourbillon

8:55 PM I lead a simple life on the exterior. Very simple. Few tasks, few people, few errands and routines. I don’t envy you your complications, because mine are much more perverse, involved, intricate, and moving. If yours is the latest and greatest Casio, mine is the rare Swiss tourbillon being auctioned at Sotheby’s: thousand [...]

On perspective

You start out at 50mm. Everything looks normal, the way you’re used to seeing it. People going about their daily lives, someone dying, someone being born; someone crying, someone getting proposed to; someone wandering aimlessly around the city, someone being chauffeured to his corner office in the city. Then you get a bigger lens, 150-200mm [...]

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